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Wednesday, November 21, 2012

Last year during one of my vacations I made these. Saw them in Nandini's blog. She is a senior of mine from college. The moment I saw these in her blog, I fell in love with them .I asked her how she made them? She explained it to me very well and after that i made them myself. So ya here they are! All thanks to Nandini. Enjoy :)

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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Idol worship

Why do I like Avril Lavigne so much. It all started when I was in class 8. During those days we used to listen to her songs in the 'katara' old philip's tape at home. I would play her songs. Play for sometime and then stop it and then write down the lyrics. Oh what fun. I miss those days. I used to also stand on the bed with an old tin power can and sing her songs. Then I read somewhere that Avril used to also do the same thing when she was a kid.I was really pepped up that when I will grow up I will also become like her. I used to also get black nail polish like her.Sigh!

We have a course called music appreciation course in college. We all were asked to get a song that we love and which defines us and that we have grown up listening to. I wracked my brain very hard. Then I thought nothing can beat my all time favourite Avril. I played 'My World' in the class. Dhiman my faculty also made me sing in class!

I still love her. Even after 8 long years I still love her. I still listen to her songs again and again. Over and over again. But somehow I cant get over the old songs. So many years of idol worship! Sigh \m/.

 p.s  I generally don't make emoticons like \m/ 

Monday, October 1, 2012

Very old illustration. Yes that's the amount of food that I can eat. The little map inside my tummy.It keeps a track of all the things that I eat and I want to eat! Buuurrrrrpppppp!

Sunday, September 16, 2012

Lakshmi, my friend nafisa's kitten! Kitten, I would call her a fur-ball. She would always come and sit on the legs whenever I used to visit her place.

She is no more. Kitty died. This is the first time I had come close to a pet other than the fishes that I had at home. I will miss her. R.I.P. Lakshmi.

Friday, September 7, 2012

Thoughts and meanderings

Fake nights.
Fake lights.
They shimmer through me,
Like an entire Universe.
The entire universe doing,
Summersaults inside my being .

Mauve, pink, peach nail polish
Ripens and crumbles.
They shrivelled like,
Tiny lemon’s kept in the sun,
They fade and turn brown.

Emptiness on the walls
Tiny specks of little universes
On my wall.
White walls
Cello tape marks of,
Previous inhabitants

Thoughts shoot out like rockets
They crash inside my universe
I crash them
I crush them
I don’t let them breathe
I kill them before they are born
I rejoice death
Death of thoughts
Inside my universe

Wednesday, September 5, 2012


Long journey to my second home 'Ahmedabad'.
Ever so loud co-passenger's.
All I could there was sketch.

Bodhi Beach in Auroville.
watercolours and wax crayons.
Komola Baido
Our x-maid.
She has become family now.
Her favourite time of the day when she wacthes television.
Her endless stories of her neighbour's ,Pahari baiti...
The places where she makes delicious 'kheer' and 'korma pulao'
Still rings in my head.
I miss her
Parking lot 
Visito's Centre in Auroville.

Sheep in a melancholic mood .

AGP workshop and random people from all over the world. Some where speaker's, some were students, some working unprofessionals, some dreamer's.!

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Friday, July 27, 2012

Across the Universe

So for the first time I have tried to draw a song. When I like a song I hear it to it so many times that I literally and laterally kill it. It happens such that I keep on listening to the song again and again and like after 3 days or so I don't feel like listening to the song again.Ok so I was listening to this song on the headphones and doodling and the song took me to some other level all-together which I can't explain through words . The song is called  'Across the Universe' by Fiona Apple. I always had this song on my playlist but never realised that I had it. My neighbour in the youth hostel(where i am currently staying), was trying to learn the chords of this song. Thats when I listened to it carefully. I love the wordings of the song. What I get from the song is that how all the mundane and day to day things which happen around are so beautiful and mystical in their own ways. The song has a feeling where you feel everything happening around you, has some connection with the universe! Beautiful song indeed. Maybe I will take a lifetime to understand it! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

One of my very close friend, had said a few days back that you end up being in a place where you belong and which seems like made for you! I never expected this place to be like this but now I feel this is the kind of place that I really wanted to come to. I don't know what is it that is beautiful about this place

Maybe the large wind chimes which hang from the trees.
Candles kept carefully in glasses surrounded by colourful patch work crepe paper in the cafe
The very same place where we all go and have coffee crunch ice-cream ,
Large earthen bowls with water and flower's
Sound of silence rings in my head.

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In and around NID!

I wish I had a better camera! But whatever maybe I have to be happy with my 'compact aim and shoot camera'. Today I woke up really early ( All thanks to Neha! :D)
I thought of carrying my camera with me and some of the pictures are up here.

I have fallen in love with mornings.
The smell of the first rays of sun .
The smell of the yellow colour
The hazy smoke
The murmurs of the leaves
The sun kissed healthy puppies
Eating yellow egg poach
Tea in brown mud cups
Cupped in my hands carefully
Taking every sip
Like I am drinking up the entire universe
In many goes
I can see twinkling stars even in the morning sunlight