Thursday, September 3, 2009

Shreya i really miss you. i really miss you during lectures. Remember how we used to sit in the first bench during Rao's class and make fun of him. We had jokes which only we could understand. Those scooter rids in your kinectic honda with aunty driving the scooter and me sitting in the middle squashed between you two! now i feel maths used to make more sense to me. Ya i seriously do. I received a miss cal from you today. A call which I couldn't recieve as I was sleeping. That little miss-call stating mis-call stating miss- call shreya Jaipur took me to a timeframe when i used to be with you. I hated you for my entire school life. Never thought i'll miss you sooo much. But' now i miss you. I want my school days back. I really do!!!!!