Thursday, April 11, 2013

I just gave my juries on 21st of  February and I am a young designer now ^_^. Technically speaking I should be working some where . Or else I should at least get my ass to make a portfolio and apply to various places. ^_^. But I am too lazy to do any of it. So I am aimlessly sitting and whiling away my time at home.

Other than that two years ago we shifted to a new house . This place always remained a house to me never a home. As in, I never grew up here so never felt very connected. I used really miss our old house. I grew up in a small government quarter admits 20 other quarters and a small field in the middle. It was very homely and everyone knew everyone. The new house is alien to me. Until now that I have found some friends here. he he he.

There are these two little holes on of of the walls of the balcony. My mother showed me the other day that two little birds have been staying there. hahahaha up in  the fifth floor of a city two little birds find their home. The other day ma showed me five little birdies inside. Oh how so cute. So at this time when i should be working and earning money all I do every morning is look at these little lovely birds with my cuppa of Assam tea in my hands.
Sniff sniff life is good ^_^

Monday, April 8, 2013

Nightie's Den

Ahhh nightie's room was next to mine when we stayed in the hostel.
I had a habit of playing very loud music. She was not like the regular neighbours who come and ask you to stop playing music. She would come and ask me to play even more louder!! According to her when I play music she does not have to play any in her room.

Her den had all the possible things on planet earth. Starting from tomatoes,trunks,books, extra food stuff,sandal's and the little cat oreo!

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

To Auroville with love!

Six month's of wonderful times in Auroville comes to an end!
Sighhhhh! But, I am sure I will go back there again.
Yes I will :)

To all the awesome lunch that solar kitchen served , to the most wonderful friends that I made in Mitra Youth Hostel, to the brown lanes, to the lotus ponds and the fishes in them, to Laxmanan for the wonderful moped, to the lovely office where I worked ,to all the tea breaks, , to the beautiful days by the beach, to the countless shells  that i collected !

Cheers  :)