Friday, July 27, 2012

Across the Universe

So for the first time I have tried to draw a song. When I like a song I hear it to it so many times that I literally and laterally kill it. It happens such that I keep on listening to the song again and again and like after 3 days or so I don't feel like listening to the song again.Ok so I was listening to this song on the headphones and doodling and the song took me to some other level all-together which I can't explain through words . The song is called  'Across the Universe' by Fiona Apple. I always had this song on my playlist but never realised that I had it. My neighbour in the youth hostel(where i am currently staying), was trying to learn the chords of this song. Thats when I listened to it carefully. I love the wordings of the song. What I get from the song is that how all the mundane and day to day things which happen around are so beautiful and mystical in their own ways. The song has a feeling where you feel everything happening around you, has some connection with the universe! Beautiful song indeed. Maybe I will take a lifetime to understand it! :)

Friday, July 6, 2012

One of my very close friend, had said a few days back that you end up being in a place where you belong and which seems like made for you! I never expected this place to be like this but now I feel this is the kind of place that I really wanted to come to. I don't know what is it that is beautiful about this place

Maybe the large wind chimes which hang from the trees.
Candles kept carefully in glasses surrounded by colourful patch work crepe paper in the cafe
The very same place where we all go and have coffee crunch ice-cream ,
Large earthen bowls with water and flower's
Sound of silence rings in my head.