Across the Universe

So for the first time I have tried to draw a song. When I like a song I hear it to it so many times that I literally and laterally kill it. It happens such that I keep on listening to the song again and again and like after 3 days or so I don't feel like listening to the song again.Ok so I was listening to this song on the headphones and doodling and the song took me to some other level all-together which I can't explain through words . The song is called  'Across the Universe' by Fiona Apple. I always had this song on my playlist but never realised that I had it. My neighbour in the youth hostel(where i am currently staying), was trying to learn the chords of this song. Thats when I listened to it carefully. I love the wordings of the song. What I get from the song is that how all the mundane and day to day things which happen around are so beautiful and mystical in their own ways. The song has a feeling where you feel everything happening around you, has some connection with the universe! Beautiful song indeed. Maybe I will take a lifetime to understand it! :)


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