Long journey to my second home 'Ahmedabad'.
Ever so loud co-passenger's.
All I could there was sketch.

Bodhi Beach in Auroville.
watercolours and wax crayons.
Komola Baido
Our x-maid.
She has become family now.
Her favourite time of the day when she wacthes television.
Her endless stories of her neighbour's ,Pahari baiti...
The places where she makes delicious 'kheer' and 'korma pulao'
Still rings in my head.
I miss her
Parking lot 
Visito's Centre in Auroville.

Sheep in a melancholic mood .

AGP workshop and random people from all over the world. Some where speaker's, some were students, some working unprofessionals, some dreamer's.!


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