Idol worship

Why do I like Avril Lavigne so much. It all started when I was in class 8. During those days we used to listen to her songs in the 'katara' old philip's tape at home. I would play her songs. Play for sometime and then stop it and then write down the lyrics. Oh what fun. I miss those days. I used to also stand on the bed with an old tin power can and sing her songs. Then I read somewhere that Avril used to also do the same thing when she was a kid.I was really pepped up that when I will grow up I will also become like her. I used to also get black nail polish like her.Sigh!

We have a course called music appreciation course in college. We all were asked to get a song that we love and which defines us and that we have grown up listening to. I wracked my brain very hard. Then I thought nothing can beat my all time favourite Avril. I played 'My World' in the class. Dhiman my faculty also made me sing in class!

I still love her. Even after 8 long years I still love her. I still listen to her songs again and again. Over and over again. But somehow I cant get over the old songs. So many years of idol worship! Sigh \m/.

 p.s  I generally don't make emoticons like \m/ 


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