I like the room where I am staying but somehow every time I entered the room my head would start paining. So, today the entire day I spent in the verandah reading a book . My head did not pain, seriously not even once. The moment I entered the room the paining thing came back to me! Shah then I realised it’s not the room but the windows. I have never opened it cause you are supposed to keep the A.C. on .So I tried opening the window today, and it refused to open. The white enamel paint seemed to have tightened the wooden panes. I climbed on the bed and pushed it hard. Still it refused to open. I gave it a slightly heavy push and it opened! In came the familiar sounds of the neighbourhood. An auto wheezing past, utensils being washed in the adjacent house and Deepak throwing random things in the kitchen downstairs with an effort to cook something for the evening meal and lots and lots of fresh air. Now I feel what had been missing for a long time in this room where I have been staying for the last four and a half weeks! I have been seeing the tree next to the window but today I feel its presence. I wonder what tree is it? I can hear its rustlings and murmurs. It even dances to the tunes of the wind. Hee hee I love it seems like I have found a new friend in the city!


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