Monday, March 6, 2017


This one year was necessary
I have by now understood authority just does not work me.
The rights and the wrongs
The should s and the shouldnt's

What if things dont work out?
What is it works out?

I have learnt to be less hard on myself
I talk to myself more
Understand what it has to say at every moment

Monday, February 27, 2017

Thursday, December 22, 2016

The last one!

This was done during the residency conducted by Goethe, Maxmuller Bhavan and Zubaan Books. A friend suggested maybe I should try making a gif! :D


So I am trying to compile something around these. More soon :)

Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Those days

I feeling like slaughtering someone alive during those days.

Sunday, October 23, 2016